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I’m no Captain Jack

I’m not a sea faring fellow like Captain Jack Sparrow, but I’m excited that I have at least one good boating analogy. Here it is.

When navigating my 21 foot speedboat rental through a canal lock system on my way out to the Gulf of Mexico this week, I realized how difficult it is to NOT be moving forward. If the saying “you can’t steer a parked car” is true of land loving vehicles, it is doubly true of boats. You see, there is no steering those darned things through the water unless the bow is making some waves.

Floating there without movement creates problems (running aground, getting tossed dangerously into another boat’s wake, hitting another vessel) that forward momentum can erase.


The best and safest boating however, was when we were making waves across the bay out to the Gulf. We were clipping along into the waves with a clear goal in mind, at a relatively high rate of speed.

You can see the correlation to life, yes?