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think you’re doing pretty good? watch this…

First off, this video is top-notch. An excellently produced and narrated piece. It did a swell job of visualizing complex ideas. Three cheers to them, but…

I like to ask questions not being asked:

Is my definition of fair, well… is my definition fair?

Where does happiness reside on this scale?

How are the bottom 90% really doing? 

How did you think you were doing before watching this video? Aaand after? Any change? Better or worse?

Fixation on inequality will lead us to ask the wrong questions and in turn, draw wrong conclusions. Instead of “fixing” the gap we should be educating ourselves on how money works, how/when/where to invest money, and of course, in ways we can all become creators of systems rather than worker bees along. We can close the gap by creating opportunities. Take a guess at the biggest hurdle to creating opportunity in America.

“What we should do about this?”

Hmm… sadly, I bet most viewers in AmUrica are conditioned to immediately picture the “WE” = our government. Well, Bull$#!+. Do we (WE = regular folk) believe handing them more power (THEM = gov’t bureaucrats) will accomplish anything fair? Methinks they  have plenty of POW-er already.

And remember my fine friends, these cold hard stats alone leave out an important historical fact: The “bottom __% in America” is doing fine. Great actually. (No, I’m not saying we forget about the poor and homeless: our society does and needs to continue taking care of them, etc etc). The working/lower/middle/upper-class in America all have opportunities, amenities, freedoms, and luxuries on an unprecedented level compared to most of the world and nearly all of the kings and queens throughout history.

We’re all the 1%ers, if just measured on a different scale. 



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debt vs chickens in the freezer

Most of us spend too much money.

Basic economics states that if spending exceeds income, the OUTcome will be somewhere between completely miserable and total $^@& chaos.

Confucius say, He who will not economize will have to agonize.

Listen to the advice of one of my favorite people, my Uncle Jim. Raised on a chicken farm in Indiana, he puts it like this: “saving money is like putting chickens in the freezer.”

Many of the problems we face can be attributed to a frozen chicken deficit. Think about it and be honest. YOU probably spend too much money. Sure, you could always make more, but c’mon should you really have spent bought that ______ the other day? Go check the freezer, get a count of the chickens and get back to me. 🙂

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