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List of Firsts

List of the first time you accomplish something each year
Start keeping a list… telling anyone the plans in advance is optional 🙂

I was speaking with a good friend of mine today. He’s a motivated guy… but kind of a “sleeper” who you might not know to be a go-getter. He’s a go-getter indeed, but under the radar. He’s done some pretty extraordinary things but doesn’t talk to much about “motivational mumbo-jumbo” and that like. He just does his thing. 

He shared something simple with me that I’m going to implement for 2013: start keeping a “firsts” for each year. Just write down the things that year that you did for the first time ever.  It got me thinking about 2012 and if there were any notable “firsts” in my life… there were, but not quite enough for my liking. 

If I’m really the go-getter that I picture myself to be, I need to get a few more firsts jotted down. What are your next firsts going to be??