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A capital idea, sir!

My waiter tonight was stellar. He was stellar because he was different. What comfirmed this difference was his personality, tone of voice and most impressive to me and my friends, his choice of words.

There was no “Hi my name is ___ and I’m gonna be taking care of you guys tonight” crap. He used ACTUAL WORDS, and then surprisingly, he waited to hear what we said, listened and responded with intelligent language. That’s right, language. No one liners. No cliché. No “I’m-pretending-I’m-listening-but-I’m-actually-just-waiting-to-leave”.

He said things like “that is a capital idea sir” and “I’ll speak with the gentleman in the kitchen about fetching you some of that dish”. My personal favorite: “I like the cut of you jib on that one my friend”.

Who speaks like that nowadays anyway?  You want to know who? Some one who gives a you-know-what, that’s who.

Let’s practice giving a rip by listening and then responding with thoughtful,  intelligent language!