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top 9 TV theme songs from the 90’s

Home Improvement
I’m not so sure, Tim.

#9 (’91-’99) Home Improvement: I loved the construction equipment noises and the “Hhhhuuuuh?????”


Step By Step
Brady Bunch 2.0

#8 (’91-’98) Step-By-Step: The build up whilst climbing the roller-coaster always got to me.


Hello, Jerry.

#7 (’89-’98) Seinfeld: Not really a theme song but gotta love the distinctive bass-synthesizer picking in between scenes.


Saved By the Bell sitcom
It’s all right!

#6 (’89-’93) Saved By The Bell: If only a high school could have been this much fun, maybe I would have gone. 


Animaniacs Logo
They have pay-for-play contracts.

#5 (’93-’98)  Animaniacs: They’re known for their epic educational songs. Check em out on YouTube sometime. 


Breaking Bad

#4 (’08-’13) Breaking Bad… wait just a minute… that’s not in the 90’s! Oops sorry! 😉


Full House
Everywhere you look….

#4 (’87-’95) Full House: I loved these guys. Interesting to see where they’ve all headed from here. On one hand the Olsen Twins, on the other Candace Cameron. Couldn’t be more different!


Duck Tales
You might solve a mystery, or re-write history!

#3 (’87-’90) Duck Tales: Barely making it into the 90’s, Scrooge and the ducklings have to make it on this list. The way Scrooge dives into his money-bin for a swim will always amaze me. 


Baywatch Cast
Baywatch… don’t worry, I’ll be there for you.

#2 (’89-’01) Baywatch: Oh how I’ve missed you. We all learned so much about swimming, life-saving techniques and running on the beach.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
It all happened when a couple of guys…

#1 (’90-’96) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Thank you. I really used to think I could actually rap. And I could never figure out why everyone laughed at Carlton’s dancing… 


A dead ringer

So I think it went like this (Thanks Howard)

A while back when the Hunchback from Notre Dame passed away, RIP, they needed to find a new bell-ringer for the tower.

They held interviews and narrowed it down to a few qualified candidates, one of which – crazy enough – actually had no arms.  (wow I know, right?)

“How are you going to ring the bell without any arms?” they asked.

He just smiled and said “watch me!” And then proceeded to dead-sprint towards the bell, and smacking his face directly into the 13-ton bronze mass….. BOooOonng!!!!!! The bell sounded quite nicely. Very impressed, the powers that be hired the armless man on the spot.

Mr. No-Arms did well for a few weeks until one day, sadly, he missed the bell with his face and fell down the hole in the tower and didn’t survive the 10-story fall.

Two Parisian policemen showed up to investigate. They took a long look at the situation and scratched their heads.

“Hmm… that was quite a fall” one of them exclaimed.

“Yes indeed” responded the other… “wait a minute does this guy look familiar?”

“Well, I don’t know his name, but his face rings a bell!”


So there you go.

The real story I found interesting related to Notre Dame in Paris was the conflict surrounding who owns the bells. Take a look at these two articles if you want to know more:



Notre Dame's Emmanuel bell