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what’s my motivation?

What motivates me? hmmm…. is it money, power, image, happiness, opportunity, anger, curiosity, desire for laziness, choices, fun, respect, money (yeah in there twice) sex, love, revenge, joy, legacy?

Name a reason, and anyone can pick it apart. There are many good motivators, but regardless of what motivates YOU, just know that it won’t jive with everyone you share it with, good or bad.




The goal of many people’s career or business is to build it to a place where they can then kick back and “live the good life”.

Is that real success for you? I would propose that real success should be measure on a different plane than what derives comfort. That may be part of the goal, but what drives a person should not be the drive to simply gain a comfortable life.

The drive will look different for each of us, but methinks we should  stsrt getting comfortable being a bit uncomfortable in our pursuit of a great life.

Finish this sentence: anything truly worth having is worth _______ for.