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I just created a new word: Solutionaire

Millionaire, Billionaire, Solutionaire.

We have monetary related “aire” titles and I thought a good word to create would be a “solutionaire.”

The definition of the first two is basically someone who has a million or a billion dollars, or relative value of other property. It’s about having.

However, the definition of this new word isn’t someone who simply has a million solutions. We all know someone who thinks they have all the answers but that’s not the point. My definition of a solutionaire is someone who not only has the creative mind to come up with many solutions, but then goes out and does something about it. It’s about taking action.



The 147 most Creative People

I read an article in the latest Fast Company magazine the other day: “100 Most Creative People In Business”. 

Great article indeed. Truly remarkable, creative people. 

I mused to myself however, that it would have been more CREATIVE if the article had been entitled “THE ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN (yes, spelled out) CREATIVE PEOPLE IN BUSINESS”.

Don’t you agree? 100 is such an un-creative number 😉