Do you follow your Passions or your Opportunities

Do both, but know when to focus on one or the other and in which capacity.

Following passions is great, but if it’s in a business sense, you could ruin your passions. For instance: someone loves to paint, so they leave their full time job in banking to “follow their passion” and paint full time. 6 months later, they’re broke, and hate painting. Extreme? Maybe, but you get the idea.


following passions or opportunities

Following opportunities is great, but following blindly could lead to some pretty awful places. Example: you’re great at making money doing XYZ, but you say yes to every opportunity to do so, and become overworked, burnt out and have zero time for passions.

Follow both – decide what’s important and don’t get too caught up in either.

Here are some interesting pieces on the topic:



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