How are you doing?

I have a few ways to answer that. All of which are honest, depending on the translation and context. Here are a few scenarios, some of which are actual, some examples.

All of these can be true answers, so choose the option that best fit, know which one you lean towards, and be ok with it.

How to Answer "How are you doing?"
How Are You Doing?

Option one: emotional update. 

  • I am “doing” bad today because: I’m tired, I’m sad, broke, angry, confused, tired, frustrated the weather is ___, life is hard.
  • I am “doing” great today because: I’m happy, excited, rich, the weather is ___, people are being good to me, life is easy.

Option two: non-emotional current status.

  • I had a great, productive week, a fun time at _____, the family is all doing well, I had a great trip to ____.

Option three: non-emotional, aspirational update.

  • Things are really going great with ____ project, and I’m looking forward to ____ happening soon. Pendings are up, things are growing, no one is shooting at me, I’m not getting sued (or I am getting sued but winning).

Option four: somewhat-emotion, aspirational vision. 

  • Things are fantastic because this or that is happening, this person is helping us, this deal is going to close soon, this or that relationship is amazing, the weather is always great, things are hard but always getting better in the long run, we are so blessed, I feel healthy, tomorrow is a big day, next week will be huge.


We all choose how we answer “how are things going” based on how we view ourselves and the world. Depends on what we care to share, how much time we care to give to the answer, how much we care for/trust or don’t care for/trust the person asking and maybe a few other factors. All of the above can be true answers, so choose the option and know which one you lean towards and be ok with it.








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