It’s not too crowded on the extra mile.

After blasting off one of several emails on behalf of one of my all time favorite clients in the world today (a Saturday) as we were both working to wrap up a few team projects, he texted me and thanked me for being on top of this stuff and mentioned “it’s not too crowded on the extra mile”.  

I’ve heard it before but not in this perfect context and I’ve never FELT it in the moment. So many people do just enough to get by, to make their mortgage, to not get fired, to not look bad, etc etc.  When one wants to EXCEL though, it consistently takes being where you need to be, showing up more often and with better work than before. That might mean a Saturday a late night, or whatever city you need to hop a flight to.  I’m not saying it has to be inefficient and painful like a commute at 6am (but it might for a while as you grow) but it’s more of the mindset of being willing to do those little things that so many others aren’t willing or don’t know how to do. 

Thanks to my some of those in my crew for being of a like mind on this or it certainly wouldn’t be working in our case. 

it's not crowded on the extra mile


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