There is NO such thing as failure

Failure doesn’t exist in this world.

I try, I fail, I learn, I try again, I succeed. 

See that at the end? The Success? Well then, it’s very simple isn’t it? Seeing failure instead of success is all a matter of timing. If you realize that it is part of the process towards success, then you know what will be coming next.

The real question is whether I’ll stick to a task or process long enough for it to become successful – the natural course of events. The Great Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, the one and only Babe Ruth once said “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” He could only say that because he had decided to go to bat enough times to run the numbers successfully. To borrow an analogy from another American pastime, the reason most people fail instead of succeed is because they “punt on first down.”

Keep in mind, doing what you’ve always done will greatly slow down the failure to success problem. It is a LIFE principle and to be sure, but plenty of people have hit pause on their lives right in the middle of failure and never moved forward. The best way to succeed is not to NOT fail, but to try to never make the same mistake twice. Also, try to fail as fast as possible. If you’re going through any process avoiding failure, you’re also avoiding success.

Failure, Success


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