A dead ringer

So I think it went like this (Thanks Howard)

A while back when the Hunchback from Notre Dame passed away, RIP, they needed to find a new bell-ringer for the tower.

They held interviews and narrowed it down to a few qualified candidates, one of which – crazy enough – actually had no arms.  (wow I know, right?)

“How are you going to ring the bell without any arms?” they asked.

He just smiled and said “watch me!” And then proceeded to dead-sprint towards the bell, and smacking his face directly into the 13-ton bronze mass….. BOooOonng!!!!!! The bell sounded quite nicely. Very impressed, the powers that be hired the armless man on the spot.

Mr. No-Arms did well for a few weeks until one day, sadly, he missed the bell with his face and fell down the hole in the tower and didn’t survive the 10-story fall.

Two Parisian policemen showed up to investigate. They took a long look at the situation and scratched their heads.

“Hmm… that was quite a fall” one of them exclaimed.

“Yes indeed” responded the other… “wait a minute does this guy look familiar?”

“Well, I don’t know his name, but his face rings a bell!”


So there you go.

The real story I found interesting related to Notre Dame in Paris was the conflict surrounding who owns the bells. Take a look at these two articles if you want to know more:



Notre Dame's Emmanuel bell


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