Intimidation is Good

…when you push through it, it’s good.

Yesterday I joined a new gym. We’re not talking new treadmills, a pool, some cybex machines kinda-gym… we’re talking a weights in a big warehouse, loud music, chin up bars, chalk everywhere kinda-gym.

I’ve been training hard for years and am in “great shape” according to 99.9% of the gym-going population. Trouble is, I want to be more like the .01% of the gym-going population.

So I walked in and felt a bit intimidated. It was a great feeling. It was scary. It was powerful. It motivated me to not fall flat on my face. It worked. 

What was the last time you put yourself in that situation? Image


(PS – as it turns out, it was just my perception of “new and different” that was intimidating. The others there looked intimidating, but were some of the nicest, most supportive people I’ve worked out with!)


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